22 Aralık 2006

Organik ve sürdürülebilir tarim ile ilgilenenlere uygun bir full/free e-kitap:

ORGANIC AGRICULTURE Sustainability, Markets and Policies
Content of the book:

Organic agriculture, sustainability and policy
What is organic agriculture? What I learned from my transition
Part I. Organic Agriculture and Sustainability
Chapter 1. Organic Agriculture and the Environment ? Overview Organic agriculture and sustainability: environmental
a spects Organic farming and nature conservation The biodiversity benefits of organic farming Productivity of organic and conventional cropping systems
Chapter 2. Organic Agriculture and the Environment ? Case Studies Considerations of the environmental and animal welfare benefits of organic agriculture in the Netherlands Soil quality of organically managed citrus orchards in the Mediterranean area Energy balance comparison of organic and conventional farming
Chapter 3. Economic and Social Aspects of Organic Agriculture The profitability of organic farming in Europe Farm-level impacts of organic production systems Economic perspectives of Korean organic agriculture A social agenda for organic agriculture Part II. The Organic Market
Chapter 4. Marketing and Trading Issues for Organic Products The organic market in OECD countries: past growth, current status and future potential Emerging issues in the marketing and trade of organic products International harmonisation of organic standards and guarantee systems International and national standards and their impact on trade: the Swiss perspective
Chapter 5. Issues for Producers of Organic Products What are the key issues faced by organic producers? Pollution threats to organic production and products Michel Helfter To convert or not to convert to organic farming
Chapter 6. Issues for Consumers of Organic Products What are the key issues for consumers? Organic agriculture: the consumers? perspective Consumer preferences for organic foods Part III. Policy Approaches to Organic Agriculture Chapter 7. Labelling, Standards and Regulations The role of government standards and market facilitation The impact of consumer standards and market facilitation in Korea Organic agriculture and national legislation in Turkey Organic agriculture in Japan: development of a labelling scheme and production policies Organic farming in Poland: past, present and future Chapter 8. Conversion and Support Payments From conversion payments to integrated action plans in the European Union The influence of the EU Common Agricultural Policy on the competitiveness Norwegian experience with conversion and support payments for organic farming
Chapter 9. Research, Information and Communication The role of research, information and communication New Zealand?s organic agriculture: the government?s role INRA and organic farming: towards a research programme Bertil Sylvander and Stephane Bellon Dutch policy on organic agriculture: a market-oriented approach Ways to improve the organic food chain: a consumer-oriented approach Organic food for public institutions

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